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1983 Tudor Records TR1141-04

Greatest Hits Compilation - Various Members

1. That Great Judgment Day
2. I've Got Jesus In Me
3. You've Got To Be Born Again
4. I'm In Love With Jesus
5. Everybody Ought To Know
6. I'll Live In Glory
7. I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey
8. The Angels Must Have Cried
9. I Thank The Lord
10. A Morning Prayer
11. Read That Book
12. My Wonderful God
13. Thank God I'm Reborn
14. I'll Wake Up On The Other Side
15. Close To The Master
16. In The Shelter Of His Arms
17. When I Lay My Burdens Down
18. It's A Wonderful Feeling
19. There Will Be A Place
20. I'll Shake The Hand Of The Lord












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