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     The Oak Ridge Boys Official Online Discography is a result of hours and hours of research.  Within these pages you will find the most comprehensive and accurate list of Oak Ridge Boys/Quartet albums, CDs, singles, b-sides, EPs, release dates and miscellaneous information available on the web today. Several of the older albums, from the late 50's to the early 70's did not state the year of release on them.  The release year of those albums are assumed, and a result of knowing the group members and the period of time in which they were in the group, as well as the albums catalog numbers being in chronological order, thus resulting in an educated guess.


The Oak Ridge Boys Official Online Discography would like to say a big "thank you" to the following people.... this site would not have been possible without their time and efforts: Duane Allen (for replying to the endless number of emails answering my questions), Joe Bonsall (same reason!), Jon Mir, Kathy Harris, Tommy Fairchild, Ron Page, Willie Wynn, John McEuen, Irl Grundy, Ed Gosa, Rick Hicks, Eric Hall, Richard Haire, Carolyn Wille, Stan Offield, Jim Story, Becky King, Rex Kamstra, Kyle Boreing, Liz Kendray, Tim Shidal, Anthony Bertorelli, David Bruce Murray, Steve White, Rick Forshee & Lisa Humpert


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